Market Tarot January 4th

Market Tarot January 4th 2013


Today’s Market Tarot I drew two cards.  The set I use is The Wild Wood Tarot created by Mark Ryan & John Matthews with illustration by Will Worthington.  There is no path way to be read it is just to gather an understanding of what may occur today in the market.

Nine of Arrows: Dedication – Staying focused, knowing that it may take hard work and discipline to achieve what you desire.

Seven of Arrows: Insecurity – This card talks about instability and panic due to un-grounded fears.  The woman in the card looks as though she is entangled and being attacked and has footing on an unstable surface.

What this said to me in the morning was that the market would be focused, dedicated to staying on whatever path it chose.  At 8:30 AM judging from yesterdays afternoon price action, I thought this would be a focused path lower.  However we have been pretty much flat.  The second card said to me that this dedicated move would be based on insecurity on ungrounded fears.  Yesterday the Fed came out and said “We may raise rates.” Whether they do this in 2013 or 2015; it is mere speculation by the fed.  In turn investors begin to speculate.

In the end there has been a focused moved to no where and after such a huge rally from January 2nd, the government has throw insecurity into the market based on speculation of what they “may” do.

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