Lines – Practically Dangerous

Lines, so many of us choose them regularly without a thought. It feels so natural, almost instinctual. Why we would question it? As traders, we must create structure out of chaos. To create probabilities out of what appears to be impossibility. You’ll never know how much lines shape your action until you commit to one, only to see another after the fact.

The example is TSLA, but I would prefer to whelve into high waters more quickly. The procellus existence of man leaves him austere and vulnerable to the elements, his society, and even those he may deem his family & friends. He is forced delineate, to draw what may be arbitrary distinctions to some greater “God” or Universe that finds it equally justified, perhaps even satisfying, to shine its sun equally upon the murderer & rapist as it does the philanthropist & good samaritan. I find no issue with the categorization I just created, the lines I have drawn between Evil & Good. Though how did I draw them? Why did I draw them the way I did? Why do you?

The lines touch us in every aspect. Whether you’re a first-year Ida Rolf student learning that the body, through tensegrity, coordinates its complex procedures and structures its mountain of flesh on a single line not readily visible but undeniable in existence through the crown of the head straight down. The line touches us in our prejudice towards political parties. If we are not to vanquish the other side we may succumb to there rules, morality and lose what “progress” we have made. The line touches us in our friends, our family, our group, our country. One walking mound of flesh, regardless of race, color, or creed. The universe makes no distinction between who flourishes, who dies, and who gets to tell its history. But we do. Would the “white” English men have done better than the “blacks” in Africa if there geographical “destinies” had been switched? The line touches us for mating purposes. They are roughly logistical regressions, the answer is yes or no, 1 or 0. An untested formula used to predict your future happiness and ability to pass your genes on. “Tall men only please.” “She better be hot.” As though these lines prevail in an American society whose divorce rate is near 50%. History is a great comedian. Even the modern philosopher Ken Wilber has created 5 lines: level, lines, states, types, and quadrants. For sure his theory rules all the lines as is the point of most meta-theories. Even I am guilty of there creation. As the distinction between man & the universe we live in seems to be mutually exclusive & stoic.

The line touches us in to many aspects to list. In TSLA the downward trend line was violated as a short position was accumulated, before falling again. The line history deemed most appropriate was not the one I used. Though I was firm set on believing I was correct without re-thinking, without checking back into the annals of history to see where my folly truly lie.

So I ask you, where are your lines? Why have you drawn them there? What purpose & benefit have they served in mitigating your risk and maximizing your growth in economics, in morals, in choices, and in character?