Integral Theory – Types

What type of trader are you? Long-term, multiday swing, intra-day, or ultra short term scalping?  There are many types of traders out there.  A more common frame of typing would be astrology.  Are you a cancer, libra, capicorn, etc.  These don’t necessarily tell you specifics about who or what you do but in society, but we generally enjoy typing ourselves.

How does typing yourself effect your trading?  When we categorize ourselves into boxes such as, “I’m a scalper,” or “I’m a swing trader.”  These conceptions put the focus on an ideology and not on your setups.  Let’s illustrate with an example.  Marvin always buys the 3 bar pull back on the 5 minute chart he watches daily.  However, the next day he see’s the exact same setup on a larger time frame but refuses to take this trade because he is a “day trader.”  It’s these ideologies that can make a trader focus on the wrong aspect of trading.

It’s not who you are (day trader, swing trader, fundamental trader) it’s what you do.  Why do you take these setups, what candle patterns, fundamentals are you looking for and how do you repeat them.  When you begin typing yourself; being a “day trader” filters trades rather than letting you setups dictate the filters.