My current research interests are:
– Developing the Psycho-Market Model
– Modeling linguistics through Latent Semantic Modeling & other techniques.
– Computer simulation experiments (ex: Music Machine, Monte Carlo).
– Esoterics & Statistical Reality

Current Research:

Numerology & The Market: Esoteric principals have been a part of our society for millennia.  Do the fundamentals of numerology withstand the chaotic nature of the market?  Questions such: “Does the company’s life path number correspond to years, months & days in which they are in ‘sync’?”

Tinder Conversation: This project focuses on the interactions between male & female users of the Tinder App.  It’s an exploratory project intended to understand some of the most common phrases males & females use. As well as, the probability of responses based on those phrases.

Completed Project:

Anime Culture Survey: 2013 – This project was started in late 2006 and carries on till today (2010).  It is a longitudinal study focused at understanding sub-cultures, in particular the anime culture that is a hit among tweens through college students.  There are five areas to this survey that are delivered directly at anime conventions, college campuses, and over the web.  These areas are: Magical Thinking, Depression, Self-esteem, Cross cultural tests, and market research.

Leadership in Presidential Speech: 2009 – This project is focused on analyzing presidential speeches from Barack Obama and Senator John McCain prior to the election of President Obama.   Using the latest software and statistical methods from both psychological and political science fields we are validating previous methods, while discovering the interacting between two presidential candidate locked in a race towards presidency, while an economic crisis surrounds them.  Our paper was accepted to the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) Conference for 2010 & Published in the Journal of Organizational Psychology in 2019.

Long Island Bullying Survey: 2009 – This project is focused on understanding bullying in long island school districts.  Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) and I partnered in mid 2009 to began the development of the “Long Island Bullying Survey.”  The survey asks 6th & 7th graders of their experiences being bullied or doing the bullying and questions related to their feelings of security within the school system.  This data in the long run will be combined with known information regarding income levels, demographics, and other data of an area to create a frame work for identifying potential  hot zones of bullying.