Tech Companies. Hoarders in disguise?

Hoarding isn’t just a problem for people anymore. I believe this pathology extends to companies as well.  It may even be at clinical levels given how much data they are acquiring but potentially not even using. That my friend, is hoarding.

It is estimated that google has 10 exabytes of data that’s 10 million terrabytes.  A common hard drive at home holds 5 terrabytes.  GOOG

Walmart is estimated to process 2.5 petabytes of data an hour.  That’s 360 petabytes a week or 360,000 terrabytes.  WMT

Even the U.S. is believed to be storing up to a yottabyte of data with it’s new NSA facility.  Which is 1,000,000,000,000 terrabytes.

That is a lot of data.  The true sign of a good hoarder is whether they are unwilling to part with items they no longer use.  In my opinion, I doubt any of these tech companies would delete old user data, location statistics, or any data that could be potentially profitable someday.  That’s the key word COULD.  I’m no psychologist but I do believe these companies have a pathological relationship with their data. They are hoarding it.  It no news that google is now the largest buyer of magnetic tape.  Why? To save all the data! Magnetic tape is to slow to read so why keep it? Because they are hoarders.