The Energy of Fear: Consumption

Fear is a tricky emotion to understand, but when it comes to trading I see it perform a very simple task; consume.   It makes the trader hyper focus, trade without logic, and live inside a world that is extremely narrow.  Have you ever been sitting at your console, beginning to lose money and feel worried? Feel scared you’ll lose the money you made for the day or scared to lose more?  This is where the energy of fear takes over and begins to consume.  For that is its sole purpose.  An example of this is revenge trading.

In all the psychological literture there is a technic that has been proven again and again: Exposure Therapy.  However, you’re sitting there saying I am exposed to this everyday!  It is not getting any better!  You’re correct cause you have been consumed by this energy and have yet to step outside of it to see it for what it is. I am currently working on a meditation which will allow you to greet your fear, understand it and let it become your ally, no longer your enemy.

In the mean time when you begin to have this feeling step back, step outside yourself and have a laugh!  Look at what you are experiencing.  Does it feel like truth that you should be so afraid?  Take 3 deep breaths.  On the first breath tell your physical body it’s OK to relax.  On the second breath tell you emotional body it’s OK to relax.  On the last breath tell you trading mind that it’s OK to relax.

Fear is here to consume, it may serve a purpose while defending  yourself or the ones you care for, but even in that it’s purpose is still the same.  Let your body & mind feel what is truth & know that it is OK to relax.


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