Traders Edge: Trust in yourself Mantra

Everyday in the office everyone is bombarded with negative thoughts, feelings, and energy from other traders.  Whether you’re sitting next to them, reading their messages in a chat or hearing their irate voice over your headset.  How do you stay within yourself  and  trust in yourself so you aren’t effect? How do you continue to trust your instincts and your ideas rather than being influenced by outside forces in a negative way?

I’ve discovered a simple Mantra in the morning works for me. I tell myself and the energy around me the following “Let my ideas come from within my divine self and let all negative energies trans-mutate into positive energies that serve my idea.”  I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made for me in two areas:

1) I am no longer influenced by nay sayers unless their idea is able to serve mine.
2) I am able to stay within myself and be confident in my idea.

Here is a fun example I like to tell.  A great trader has been on tilt recently.  Everyday we hear “I should just go home, Down 500… Down 1,000… F*&k it. I’ll trade to 1,200 nothings working today. Who cares.”  Because this individual has had a solid reputation and track record for over 5 years his opinion is respected.  When he says, “There is nothing going on, there is no opportunity today,” unfortunately people listen.  He then goes on to cite who else is down today to confirm that it’s the market making the mistakes not him…  There is a great amount of cursing himself and the market.  Hearing this rant everyday can be draining, not to mention exhausting.  It can also pull you out of your space (whatever that may be).

Using a simple mantra in the morning can help your mind stay focused on YOUR ideas and learn that trusting yourself is where success comes from.  I’ve wrote about trusting yourself here in The Holy Grail of Trading.  Remember learning to trust in yourself is a great traders edge in a any market.


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